Robotic Mower Sales and Installation

At Biker's Outfitter, we specialize in Automower installation. Our team of experts take care of all aspects of the installation process, from assessing your yard's layout to setting up boundary wires and docking stations. Return to us for service for your automower, and never mow your lawn again. To start the process, fill out our contact form and let us know more about your needs. We will get back to you to talk about the process and share a quote.

  • Free quotes
  • Guide boundary wire installation
  • Training and setup
  • Theft protection
  • Seasonal cleaning and maintenance
  • Husqvarna certified dealer

How It Works

A boundary wire is placed or buried around the edge of your lawn and any obstacles Automower® should avoid. This wire is fully customizable so the mower reaches only what it’s supposed to and leaves the rest.

Small, razor-sharp blades cut grass a little at a time.  

Tiny clippings break down and are automatically recycled into grass as a natural fertilizer. And the consistent mowing gives you a freshly-cut lawn 24/7. 

If Automower® encounters an object, it will stop, reverse and go in another direction. When lifted, the blades automatically and immediately shut off.

When it’s time to recharge, Automower® will navigate to the charging station automatically, either via signal or by following the wires.

A guide wire helps Automower® navigate back to the charging station when the mower is in a remote corner of the lawn.

Select Automower® models use GPS to help navigate your lawn, increasing efficiency and accuracy.  

Automower® mowers come with an anti-theft alarm and can be instantly located with GPS using the Automower® Connect app.