Stop the Pain, Not the Ride With Custom Gel Seats




  • Developed with the rider in mind, these seat pads for motorcycles are made to perform and built to last 
  • Our Gel seat pads are designed to help reduce fatigue by minimizing upper thigh and buttocks pressure points, so you can enjoy the ride 
  • Without question our Gel Inserts are the most important breakthrough in motorcycle seating in decades. This amazing product will totally change the amount of time you spend on your motorcycle. Every type of riding just got more enjoyable, from touring to dual sport to canyon carving and street cruising. When you throw your leg over your favorite motorcycle, you know you will be comfortable! 

Reduces Vibration, Eliminates Pressure Points by evenly distributing your weight across the surface of the seat, and eliminates the extra pressure that is normally experienced at hip bones and the tail bone. These pressure points or "hot spots" create a loss of blood flow, causing discomfort. By increasing circulation, comfort is enhanced. 

When we install our gel in your seat, we take great care that the gel is inserted in the proper position. Unlike other installers, we use a thin cover material between the gel and the original seat cover. This ensures that the gel does not move and the outline of the gel is not visible on the seating area, especially after extended use of the seat. 

Come in for a free consultation and price quote or you can mail your seat to us for a quote and installation. Our turn-around time for installing gel pad inserts is extremely fast. We generally complete the seats within 1-3 days depending on the complexity of the seat.